Tripkicks CEO, Jeff Berk Shares his top tips.

Source: Business Travel Life

Featured in Business Travel Life, seasoned road-warrior, and Tripkicks CEO, Jeff Berk shares his top tricks for traveling for work. Tips include:

  • Make it a “Bleisure” trip, or add an experience component to it.
  • Know your essential apps.
  • Have the right battery power backup, like the Anker PowerCore 20100
  • Get over your fear of doing things by yourself
  • Don’t underestimate the importance of self-care
  • Embrace your inner foodie, and sample the local cuisine
  • Make a point to visit some friends and family when you’re in town.
  • Be efficient with your time to stay productive during all of that time spend waiting
  • Learn to be a more effective packer

Read the entire post to learn the detailed tips.

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